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Referees and officials

Referees and officials

Being an IBSA Goalball referee at any level requires specialist skills and knowledge built up over time. They are crucial to the smooth-running of competitions and the growth of the sport.

Referees are regularly assessed to ensure they know the current rules of the game and how to apply them in different circumstances.

Download the full list of certified IBSA Goalball referees.

Training and development

Training referees is an important part of making sure that goalball continues to grow in size and popularity.

IBSA Goalball runs referee clinics in different countries on a rolling basis every year. These are a chance for referees and those leading them to explain and discuss any rule changes and ask questions about how they are applied. Groups of referees can also request for a clinic to take place near them.

The clinics and other training are led by experienced officials.

2022-2024 Senior Course Conductors

  • Aurora Zanolin – Italy
    Bülent Kimyon – Turkey
    Carla De Mata – Brazil
    Dina Murdie – Great Britain
    Alexander Knecht – Germany 

    Claude Dagenais – Canada
Training and development

Referees’ Advisory Group

The Referees Advisory Group collect feedback from the wider referee community for the IBSA Goalball Sport Committee.

The members of the current Referee Advisory Group are the following:

Bülent Kimyon – Turkiye
Esamatti Käkelä – Finland
Janice Dawson – Canada
Reza Dehghan – Iran
Raquel Aguado – Spain
Referees’ Advisory Group