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World rankings and groups

World Rankings

Follow the progress of your national men’s and women’s goalball team in the official world rankings.

IBSA Goalball world rankings are calculated using a points system. Download it by clicking here.


Rank Team Region Points
1st Brazil (BRA) Americas 1348.846
2nd Lithuania (LTU) Europe 1344.038
3rd USA Americas 734.549
4th China (CHN) Asia-Pacific 687.969
5th Germany (GER) Europe 589.923
6th Turkey (TUR) Europe 505.698
7th Belgium (BEL) Europe 450.438
8th Japan (JPN) Asia-Pacific 325.832
9th Finland (FIN) Europe 272.474
10th Sweden (SWE) Europe 188.366

Ranking as of 31 January 2022

Ranking as of 23 March 2022

Rank Team Region Points
1st USA Americas 1083.470
2nd Turkey (TUR) Europe 1036.366
3rd Russia (RUS) Europe 731.449
4th Japan (JPN) Asia-Pacific 722.109
5th China (CHN) Asia-Pacific 717.227
6th Brazil (BRA) Americas 628.958
7th Israel (ISR) Europe 489.374
8th Australia (AUS) Asia-Pacific 427.085
9th Canada (CAN) Americas 395.443
10th Finland (FIN) Europe 147.845

Summary of all standings from Paralympic Games, World Championships, IBSA Games and Regional Championships.

European Groups

Men Women
Lithuania Russia
Ukraine Turkey
Turkey Israel
Germany Denmark
Belgium France
Russia Great Britain
Montenegro Germany
Men Women
Finland Ukraine
Greece Finland
Spain Greece
Poland Spain
Portugal Hungary
Great Britain Poland
The Netherlands