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We have tried to design our website to make it as accessible as possible whilst remaining visually interesting and easy to use. Currently, this website includes a variety of features which are summarised as follows:

Access Keys

The ability to navigate the site using other means than a mouse can be important for those who have difficulties in using a mouse or other pointing devices. To help with this we have set up ‘Access Keys’ on the site which allow easy navigation to the main pages on the website.

Access Key Usage

Access keys are used on this website in the following way:

  • 1 Leads you to the Home page.
  • 2 Leads you to the News page (external).
  • 3 Leads you to the About Goalball page.
  • 4 Leads you to the Competitions page.
  • 5 Leads you to the Results and Rankings page.
  • 6 Leads you to the Clean Sport page (external).
  • 7 Leads you to the Get in Touch page.
  • 8 Leads you to the Sitemap page.
  • 9 Leads you to the Accessibility page.

Access Key Instructions

Depending on what browser you are using, you can use the access keys to help with navigation through the site:

Windows Linux Mac
Firefox Alt + Shift + key Control + Option + key
Edge Alt + key N/A
Internet Explorer Alt + key N/A
Google Chrome Alt + Shift + key Control + Option + key
Safari Alt + key N/A Control + Option + key
Opera 15+ Alt + key Control + Option + key

Images and alt tags

We have avoided using excessive graphics within the website where possible in an effort to maximise quick download times and access to information which cannot be read if in image format.

Where images are used we have added ‘Alt’ tags – text alternatives so that you will still know what the image is meant to convey even if it doesn’t load or if you’ve have chosen to browse with the images switched off or you are using an assistive technology like a screen reader to browse the web page rather than view.

Resizable Text

We have included two additional options to increase the size of the text on the website, so that visitors can increase the font size on the screen to make it easier to read. Simply click on the “A” icons (located near the top right of the page window) to use this function.

Change Colour Contrast

We have provided our web users with two extra options to change the colour contrast on each of our web pages. If you have limited or low vision, you may find this website feature useful. The colour options are as follows:

  • Switching the text to white and the background to grey
  • Switching the text to yellow and the background to black

Simply click on the “C” icons (located near the top right of the page window) to use this function.

Web Standards

This website is built using code compliant with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards for XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets. W3C is the governing authority on web development standards and practices. The site displays correctly with current browsers, and using standard XHTML code means that any future browsers will also display this website correctly.

The Accessibility Guidelines explain how to make Web content accessible to people with disabilities. Conformance to these Guidelines helps to make the Web more accessible to users with disabilities and benefits all users. There may be a few pages that do not conform to all the guidelines. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the whole site conforms, with many web contributors, this is an ongoing process.

This site complies with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Standards. It therefore complies with the globally recognised standards for ensuring websites are ‘Designed for all’, and thereby accessible using the assistive technologies employed by many disabled surfers of the web. For more information about accessible web design and how to get the best out of the web, see the following link: my computer my way.

For any comments on the accessibility or functionality of this website, or if you have any problem accessing any information on the site, you can advise us by contacting us by email at Radical Web Design.

Web Accessibility Tips

  • Opera, a browser with in-built speech capability which can assist with reading web content. As well as other accessibility features such as text zooming. .
  • The Firefox browser also has some excellent plugins to improve Web accessibility. Link: Firefox Accessibility Add-ons.
  • Both the Apple and Windows operating systems have built in screen reader software. Apple utilises VoiceOver and Windows has Narrator which are free alternatives to paid software such as JAWS or Supernova.

Viewing a text-based version of the website

Should you prefer, there are many text-based browsers that can be used to display websites in plain text. We recommend the following:

For the added benefit of users, we have included a direct link to “” which automatically displays a text version of our website. This link can be accessed at the footer (bottom) of every page, or simply by clicking on the following link: Textise – IBSA. This will take you to our text-only version of the homepage, to which you can navigate through to other pages.