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Watch live goalball

2022 IBSA Goalball European Division B Championships – Live Goalball

Men’s Championship commentated by Erkki Minalla and Bradley Hope

Women’s Championship commentated by Amanda Dennis

Opening ceremony – Comments by Erkki Minalla and Bradley Hope

Day 1

Portugal vs Bulgaria (men)

Portugal vs Italy (women)

Day 2

Finland vs Poland (men)

Hungary vs Finland (women)

Greece vs Spain (men)

Greece vs Italy (women)

Great Britain vs Sweden (men)

Ukraine vs Spain (women)

Portugal vs Finland (men)

Israel vs Spain (men)

Finland vs Italy (women)

Denmark vs Bulgaria (men)

Portugal vs Ukraine (women)

Spain vs Hungary (women)

Day 3

Sweden vs Greece (men)

Portugal vs Spain (women)

Bulgaria vs Poland (men)

Finland vs Greece (women)

Denmark vs Portugal (men)

Italy vs Hungary (women)

Spain vs Great Britain (men)

Israel vs Greece (men)

Ukraine vs Finland (women)

Finland vs Denmark (men)

Spain vs Greece (women)

Day 4

Sweden vs Israel (men)

Hungary vs Portugal (women)

Greece vs Great Britain (men)

Spain vs Finland (women)

Bulgaria vs Finland (men)

Greece vs Ukraine (women)

Poland vs Denmark (men)

Spain vs Sweden (men)

Finland vs Portugal (women)

Great Britain vs Israel (men)

Italy vs Ukraine (women)

Poland vs Portugal (men)

Hungary vs Greece (women)

Day 5

Finland vs Spain (QF1 men)

Italy vs Spain (women)

Greece vs Poland (QF2 men)

Ukraine vs Hungary (women)

Great Britain vs Denmark (QF3 men)

Greece vs Portugal (women)

Portugal vs Israel (QF4 men)

Ukraine vs Greece (SF1 women)

Finland vs Greece (SF1 men)

Day 6

Spain vs Denmark (men’s placement 5.º – 8.º)

Poland vs Portugal (men’s placement 5.º – 8.º)

Spain vs Portugal (women’s placement 5.º – 6.º)

Ukraine vs Hungary (women’s bronze)

Finland vs Great Britain (men’s bronze)

men’s placement 5.º – 6.º

men’s placement 7.º – 8.º

Greece vs Finland (women’s final)

Greece vs Israel (men’s final)

Closing ceremony